Guiding Principles

We launched this website with some guiding principles. While developing the content for the site, these principles were reinforced by friends and by personal experiences.

Free information.
Why give it away? We think about 80% of the questions pertaining to accounting that you can think of, other people also want to know. The other 20% are specific to you. You will be able to see the comprehensive nature of AccountingQ answers and may be willing to take a flier on actually asking us a question – for the 20% that are fairly unique to your circumstances.

No Bait and Switch.
You are free to browse the free content and we hope you find it valuable. When faced with a question you want answered and you don’t see it on AccountingQ, we hope to have demonstrated enough competence that you would ask us for a reasonably low fee. Which brings us to…

Low Fee.
We think we can answer your question for $30.

Small Business.
We keep getting asked who the target audience is. The answer is simply, ‘Small Business Owners.’ The follow up is invariably, ‘What is your definition of Small Business? 50 employees or less? Gross Sales of under $5 million?’ No and No. For AccountingQ a Small Business is one without a CFO. That is really the role we aspire to fulfill.